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Running in Chiang Mai, Thailand | WorldWide Runners

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Running in Chiang Mai, Thailand | WorldWide Runners.

great sighting seeing, I like thai food for runners !!!

Chiang Mai is surrounded by misty mountains and dotted with temples on every corner. It boasts a charming Old City, a vibrant student population, and easy access to more rural adventures. Chances are if you are visiting Thailand, Chiang Mai is high on your list of places to stop. People come here to escape the heat of the south, to visit temples, ride elephants, sip coffee at trendy cafes, and shop at the hectic Sunday Market.

Although less humid than Bangkok, it can still get quite hot in Chiang Mai, so the best time to run is in the early morning. Traffic can be hectic and sidewalks are often blocked by food carts and parked scooters, so it is a much more pleasant running experience to head to one of the small parks, many of which have paved walking and running paths. Unfortunately, Chiang Mai’s parks tend to be quite small, so you’ll see runners running a lot of laps on short loops.


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